Turning visual designsinto functional websites


  • BUILDS websites, HTML templates and frontends for web applications, with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, php, Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla.
  • BREATHES LIFE into creations of UX/visual designers. 
  • TRANSFORMS beautiful Photoshop images into fully functional webpages that run seamlessly—and display properly in all major browsers.
  • ADAPTS to the Lean Startup approach of building minimally viable products, such as specialized websites, to test out a vision.
  • IS FIRMLY GROUNDED in best practices, separation of structure, style and behavior, respect for the aesthetics of my design clients—and in well-documented code.  


Latest Completed Projects

  • 24/7 MyIR Intranet

    My [24]7 is a personal customer portal that will allow access to customer-only documents, resources, helpful webinar sessions, and much, much more.


    Design by: Busse Design

  • Loma Communications Redesign

    Loma Communications is known for helping executives transform their leadership and communications abilities. Guided through strategic and creative programs, our clients become masters at conveying their vision and strategies and winning competitive advantage for their companies.

    Design by: Quirk Creative

  • Instart Logic

    Instart Logic was created with a single mission: bringing an intelligent, fast and scalable solution to the challenges of application delivery to companies whose business depends on cloud application performance.

    Design by: 1185 Design